Upload your art

Upload your art and start earning €€€s with the click of one button!

How can you earn from your designs

After we approve of your design (see below for details) we will upload it on TeesForSapiens.com as a new and hot model and for every shirt/other garment that sells you will receive €1 (or USD equivalent) commission in your PayPal or Revolut account. We will periodically let you know how many shirts/other garments you sold and deliver you the corresponding amount.

It is very important to login with an eMail address you are checking often, as you will receive further notices from us on it.

You retain all rights to your artwork, before and after it is on sale on TeesForSapiens.com.

General instructions for the submited art

You can upload your image in JPEG format ONLY, just keep file sizes below 400kb or it won’t upload!

All artwork (including any background images in your mockup etc) must be your own, you have to have created all of it yourself! In the case of a plagiarised design they are always noticed and we will most likely delete your account so don’t do it!

In general designs are limited to 6 colours on dark shirts (every shirt colour except white, sports grey and light blue) and 7 colours on light shirts (not including the shirt colour itself in both cases). No gradients are possible, but you can use halftones to create the illusion of extra colours.

If we reject your design we will tell you what were the reasons.

If you want to see your design go top be sure to use the promote options on your vote page to share your design via Facebook/Twitter etc.

If you’ve read all of this, you’re ready! Upload your design and let’s get goin’ 😉

For any questions, do not hesitate to drop us a line at Team@TeesForSapiens.com or use the form below.