Posters and pillows, bean bags and mugs, your house is a temple, let’s make it nice!

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Cat-Ctus Premium Pillow

Cactus? No! Cat-ctus, much better! For the best night sleep you’ve ever had 🙂 Want to add a splash of

Monster Chef – Embroidered Apron

Monster chef funny embroidered apron, perfect for gifts! 🙂 Thanks to this embroidered apron you don’t have to worry about

Molecules Rock! – Premium Pillows

This science pillow WILL make you even smarter! 😉 Want to add a splash of color to your home? This

Wish this was a Beer

Well, coffee is good enough in this lovely ceramic mug 🙂 Add a splash of color to your morning coffee

Spring is in the air – premium pillow

Spring will always be with you, in your lovely home, with this great fluffy pillow 🙂 This premium feel pillow